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The Bambino Plus

The Bambino Plus


Serious espresso plus auto milk. The faster way to professional results at home.


Like professional machines, the Bambino Plus can deliver third wave specialty coffee. This is made possible by the 4 keys formula. Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 19 grams of coffee for full flavour and a powerful hands-free automatic steam wand that makes microfoam milk for you ready for latte art. With a proprietary ThermoJet heating system the machine is ready to start in 3 seconds.


Model: SES500BSS

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  • Specifications


    Included Accessories:

    54mm Portafilter

    54mm Tamper

    the Razor™ Precision Dosing Tool

    Claro Swiss Water Filter

    16 fl.oz / 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug

    1 & 2 Cup Dual Wall Filter Baskets

    1 & 2 Cup Single Wall Baskets

    Cleaning Tool

    Cleaning Disc

    Capacity Water tank 1.9L (64 fl.oz)
    Construction Materials Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 31 x 32 x 31 cm

    Heating System

    advanced ThermoCoil
    Heatup Time 3 second
    Power 1600 Watts

    Control Panel: 1 Cup, 2 Cup and Steam button

    Adjustable milk temperature and texture level.

    Voltage 220–240 Volts
    Warranty 2 Year Repair, Replace or Refund Guarantee (at the sole discretion of Sage Appliances)



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